Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Goals

Yes, I know that 2010 started nearly 2 weeks ago. I have been meaning to share some of my goals with you, better late than never! In no specific order here they are.

Financial Goals
  1. Pay off the van by the end of March. This will keep us on track with our total debt reduction. This will be met without difficulty I hope.
  2. Reduce our monthly grocery bill by $40. That means we will be spending only $60 per week instead of the previous $70.
  3. Payoff an additional 30% of our debt so it is reduced by 60% total. Why not pay off all of it you may ask. In our current situation I would say that it would definitely be possible. However, we are contemplating a reduction in hubby's hours at work in order to have him at home more. This would also mean less commuting as well. A final decision has not been made, but I want to leave room for the possibility in our budget for now.
  4. Sell some old stuff on Craig's list. I have a list started for many things we no longer need that others may find valuable. Just need to get it done!

Household Goals

  1. Replace the roof on the house. This is 2 years past due and we can not afford to put it off any longer.
  2. Finish living room trim. The remodel was nearly 4 years ago and this still has not been finished. It is time.
  3. Limit all purchases of new items. I would like to really ponder the need of all purchases and buy used or from Goodwill/garage sales as much as possible.
  4. Try baking our bread. I have a recipe to try....I'll let you know if it is a success.
  5. Purchase grass fed beef in bulk for the freezer. Just need to clean out the freezer more,
  6. Expand the garden. We have many mistakes to learn from. Given that last year was our first year being serious about it, we now know some ways to improve it. Looking forward to plotting it out!

I think that about covers it. Some of them may be lofty goals, but I found after last year that by having my goals out and posted I am able to stay focused on the long term plan!

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  1. That is awesome. I am having a hard time planning goals. Hubby won't even really consider anything since we are in survival mode right now. It is too hard to plan for money we don't have and we don't know when we will have it or how much it will be. I am trying to set some plans, but I guess they just have to be subject to change...