Friday, January 29, 2010

Frugal Friday- Crockpot Bread

I will admit that I stole/borrowed this recipe from another blogger. You can get to Emily's website by going here. She has a great tutorial on baking this bread with even more pictures and detail versus what I will put up here.

The idea of using the crockpot to bake bread is genius to me. I love the idea of baking our bread, but I lack the knowledge of allowing it to rise properly and I don't want to tie up the oven all day. I like how you let it rise on the warm setting of the crockpot, then switch it over to hot to allow it to cook.

I used Emily's basic recipe. For next time I will likely add a little butter and/or sugar as that may affect the rising time.
These are regular cans from diced tomatoes that I saved when I made chili. Two fit perfectly in my crock pot. Here is my bread rising. It took my crock about 1 hour on warm to have the bread rise sufficiently.

This is the finished product. The cooking time was also longer in my crock versus the recipe.

I love the size and shape of the loaves. They will be great for sandwiches (no crusts for the kids to complain about).
This bread has almost completely disappeared and it finished only an hour ago. My kids gobbled it up! I did manage to save a little.
I am intrigued to the possibilities of making sweet breads this way as well. I will definitely be making this bread again, and hope to feel comfortable enough to start using different flours and combinations. Baking my own bread is after all one of my goals this year!
Do you make your own bread? Do you cook something different in your crockpot? Let us all know by leaving a comment!

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  1. I've recently been searching for crockpot recipes so that I can use the crockpot more this year. I am excited to give this a try.