Monday, January 25, 2010

A use for your Swagbucks

Hopefully by now you are using Swagbucks to earn point for all your internet searches. If not, click on the photo and it will take you to the site to sign up.

Another place to sign up right now is This website is a place to purchase things we all need in our homes; dish soap, toothpaste, toilet paper and so much more. Shipping is always free, prices are fair and they feature clipless coupons as well for further savings. Click here to sign up at

Now I have a great way for you to combine both of these things. If you have 20 swagbucks in your account this is a great deal.

Under your swagbucks account, go to the 'swag store' and choose the gift card tab. You will find a $5 gift card available for 20 swagbucks. Redeem and wait for the ecode, then go to to place your order.

I did this deal a few weeks ago and got all of the following for $0.83 (after the giftcard)

  • Bounty basic paper towel
  • Bounty napkins
  • Angel soft toilet paper 9 pack

You usually need to purchase 6 items on alice except for your first order. I think that is a pretty good haul for $.83!

If I find any other good deals for you on swagbucks or alice, I will keep you posted.

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