Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pierces Highlights

Here we go with another weekly ad. Be sure to check it out for yourself as always. There is also a note about a "one day meat sale" on Friday only. I wonder what that will entail??

Page one
10# Russet Potatoes $1.48 (anyone want to split a bag?)
Ken's salad dressing $1.50, use $1 MQ
Arnold soft bread $1.50, there is a $0.55 coupon out there

Page two
Van de Kamps fish sticks $3.50, there is a $1.50 IP coupon out there. (I know they won't take this internet coupon but I just sent an email to Pierce's for an explanation of why they will not. Let's hope they change this policy)

Hormel Pork Sirloin roast or chops $1.78/lb
Surefresh corn dogs $1.50 each
Bird's eye frozen veggies $1, use $0.35 MQ

Page three
Dole fruit bowls 2/$4, use $0.75/2 MQ
v8 Juice $2.50, $1 IP
Spaghettios $1.25 (a so-so price)
Pillsbury cake mix $0.98, use $1/2 MQ
Starkist tuna in can 3/$1.98

Page four
Cucumbers 2/$1
Green grape tomatoes $1.78

That is all, have a great week.

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