Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kmart confusion

I am so sorry about all the confusion regarding whether of not Kmart is doubling coupons this week.

Thank you to Kristine for contacting me last night. She let me know that she found a site listing Wisconsin Kmart as participating in the event.

I called Kmart in Portage this morning and they informed me that they ARE doubling coupons this week until the end of the ad on Saturday.

Be sure to take advantage of this event and head out to Kmart! I know I will be there this week, maybe even more than once!


  1. This IS really strange. I called this morning too and was told that the Portage store was NOT doubling this week. I even specifically asked about P&G coupons since there was an ad in the SmartSource coupon insert about it.

  2. Very confusing definitely. The lady that answered at Kmart initially said no to me as well, but I had her ask someone else to be sure and they said yes. I hope they are, and I will let you all know if I have a successful trip.

  3. Have you found out any more on the double coupons? My husband was in on Monday and a manager told him that any coupon up to $2 unless it states that it can't be doubled or tripled will be doubled. I'm afraid to go in with all my coupons and have them tell me that isn't right.

  4. I went to Kmart this evening and had no problem doubling coupons. Give it a try!