Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pierce's ad highlights

Page one
Hormel Pork loin $1.48/lb
Iceberg lettuce $0.78
Cantaloupe $1.48 each
Betty Crocker potatoes $0.98, use $0.25 MQ
Totino's pizzas $0.98, use $0.50/2 MQ
Hamburger helper $0.98, $0.75/3 MQ
Crescent rolls or cinnamin rolls 2/$2.98
General Mills cereal $1.88, $1/3 MQ

Page two
Oscar mayer bologna or salami $1.38

Page three
Betty Crocker fruit snacks 2/$4, $0.50/2 MQ
Green Giant Steamers veggies 4/$5, $0.50 IP
Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 4/$5, $1 IP or $0.30/2 /mQ

Page four
Cucumbers 2/$0.78
Caramel Apple Dip $2.98, $0.75 MQ

That is all I see on sale this week. You can click here to look at the Pierce's website to check the sales for yourself.

Also, don't forget to check that site for the 3 day sale on the weekend. You can click on the same link as above. The 3 day sale ad is available online starting on Thursday.

Happy day everyone!

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