Thursday, September 24, 2009

Walmart for just a couple things

I ran to the (dreaded) Walmart to take advantage of a couple coupons, and because hubby insisted he needed the Walmart generic of Metamucil. I choose not to ask questions. Here are the notable deals only:
2 Sunkist sandwich ready pouch $1.33, $0.75 IP
6 Starkist tuna pouches $0.93, $1.50/3 MQ
4 Starkist tuna pouches $0.93, $1.00/2 IP
6 Old El Paso taco mix $0.86, $0.60/2 IP
6 Taco seasoning (brand name escapes me) $0.58, $0.75/2 MQ
2 Crystal Light boxes $1.97 each, $2/2 MQ

My total here was $29.02, but I did save quite a bit on the above.

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