Sunday, September 13, 2009


Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and messages this past week. And what a week it was! I was diagnosed with strep throat on Wednesday during a visit to the ER to get IV fluids due to dehydration. I was not in a good way at all.

Thursday the school called with my eldest not feeling well. Given my strep, he immediately went to the clinic and guess what? Strep throat. Big surprise.

Friday, my middle child came home from school with a sore throat. Luckily a call to the doctor's office was all that was needed so he was put on antibiotics as well.

If you are keeping score, that is 3/5 of us on antibiotics with strep throat. My hubby did not get it (though he just finished an unrelated course of antibiotics which I feel protected him.) Only the youngest has not succumbed, but he does have a cold. Hopefully that is all that will develop.

It has been many days of rest and boredom in this house (remember we have no tv) as we tried to recover. I feel mostly back to normal except my energy level is very low. It has been a long time since I've been so sick.

But I am ready to get back to blogging, and I hope to get up to date with a few posts that need to get done.

The good side effect of being sick is not shopping, so I am on budget for the month! There is always a silver lining......

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