Thursday, September 10, 2009

A tip from a reader

Hey I also have been meaning to share something with your readers.
A while back, in my ongoing money saving ventures, I found a site called The Caregivers Marketplace where you can submit receipts and receive money back for caregiving products you've purchased. My main use is for diapers and vitamins, though they have many other products on there too. I get $.75 back for each package of Huggies I buy, and a with coupon or two at point of purchase it makes them way cheaper than store brand diapers! just thought I'd share...its worth checking to see if you can get money back for things you already use of want to.

I have heard about this in passing before, but never looked into it. I wish I had. If you go here, you will get their website. It is free to join, and all eligible products are listed. It includes diapers, wipes, and some vitamins.

This looks worth the time and you can get money back from the products you are buying anyways!!! A win-win deal!

And thank you to reader "VMM" for sending me the info to share!

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