Sunday, September 6, 2009

Playing catch up on grocery posts

My camera broke. I'm very sad. I just got this camera for Christmas last year and love it. But I had to put it in the mail to get fixed. Needless to say, I will be posting without pictures for a couple weeks until I get the camera back and in working order.

Kmart: I made one final run to Kmart to get some double coupons.

4 Welch's jelly $2 each, $0.75 IP doubled, made them $0.50 each.
My total was $2 exactly and I was able to put it on the gift card I got last week at Kmart. Nothing out of pocket.

First up is my normal shopping trip that happened on Friday. Coupon items included:

Philly cream cheese $0.99 each with $1/2 MQ
Free Krackerfulls when you buy Ritz, $3.29 value and Ritz on sale for 2/$5
Kraft cheese slices $1.50 each, $1/2 MQ
Kraft chunk cheese $2.00, $1/2 MQ
Eggo waffles $1.66, $1/2 MQ
Freshlike frozen veggies $0.99, $1/2 MQ

Obviously I had other groceries as well. My total for this visit was $67.43 with a coupon and ad savings of $70.88

Pierce's trip made on Sunday for the "3 day sale" (Check it out here)

Wisconsin farms milk 1 gallon $1.88
Quaker granola bars $1.88, $0.75 MQ

This trip cost me $25.40 with a coupon and ad savings of $16.25.

Both trips I consider quite successful.

Finally, I made a trip to the land of Wally world that I do not venture into easily. Hopefully I will not need to step back there for a long while. Items bought with coupons include:

4 Oscar Mayer hot dogs $1.50 each, they ad matched to Pig which was BOGO, plus I used a $1/2 MQ making them $0.25 each

2 bags Kingsford charcoal ad matched to $5.88 with Pierce's ad, then used $2 IP for each.

2 Bottles of KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, used "buy charcoal get BBQ free" IP
2 Starkist pouch $0.93, $0.50 IP
2 box Van de Kamps fish sticks $4.56, $3 IP
White cloud TP $2, $1 MQ
5 Soy milk $2.73, $2 IP
4 Grands biscuits $1.62, $1 IP

Saved quite a bit here as well and my total ended up as $26.60. I still don't like shopping there. I plan to avoid that place as much as I can.

So you can see that I had a busy shopping week. I think I will be making a run to Target this week. I have to run to Madison anyways, so I might as well. I hope everyone is having/had a wonderful holiday weekend.


  1. I headed over for that Philly Cream Cheese! What a steal. I stocked up on 10 of a couple of Tombstone pizzas. Of course, I threw away the UPC's and then had to go garbage picking!

  2. Could you explain why you price matched the charcoal at walmart rather than buying at the IGA?

  3. can you explain why you had walmart match the pierce's price for charcoal rather than just getting it there? do they give you some incentive to do that?

  4. I had Walmart price match because the coupon for the charcoal was a $2 internet coupon and Pierce's will only take internet printables up to $1. It's my way of working the system I guess. I don't understand why Pierce's will only take $1 internet coupons, but either was I was able to get it at a great price.

  5. thanks, i didn't know about their printable limit...good to know! i've price matched to the Pig and other places but usually just for my convenience rather than a good reason like that.