Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fun Fun Fun...not so frugal

My twins had their birthday on August 31st. While I did buy their gifts rather cheaply due to the Kmart toy coupon, I wanted to treat them as well.

These two boys know the value of a coupon. They have helped me clip and sort and will sometimes go shopping with me. They will ask "Mom, do you have a coupon so we can have ____"? It's really priceless to me.

Well, on their own time they have been clipping the coupons for Chuck E. Cheese that are often on the back of the inserts on Sunday. They let me know they were saving them so we could afford to go sometime. I decided to surprise them for their birthday with a dinner and games.

Before I left, I registered on the website for Chuck E. Cheese and they emailed me some coupons that were even better than the ones in the newspaper. We were set!

I had hubby meet us there after work along with grandma. I did not tell them anything about it. We had a bunch of other errands to do first. Finally when it was about 1/2 hour before we needed to be there, I told them we were going to have one final birthday surprise. You should have seen their faces. They begged to know what it was but I wouldn't budge.

Needless to say, when I pulled into the parking lot they went nuts. Then grandma and dad showed up. We all had such a great time playing games and eating pizza. Then we got to cash in the tickets for the "prizes" (junk) which thrilled them to no end.

The place is not very "frugal friendly", but I think we did ok. There were 6 of us eating and drinking and playing games. We spent about $50 there in a short amount of time.

My kids told me it was the best birthday ever, and that made it good enough for me.

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