Saturday, September 26, 2009

RUN to this Piggly Wiggly deal!

I must be honest and say that I saw this in the ad this week and just breezed by it. Thank you to my sister and mom for pointing it out again and reminding me of the possibilities of it.

Will you believe me when I tell you everything in this picture cost me only $8.94?

You can do this deal too, if you are in need of more coupons, let me know. I have many of the nut cluster, fruit snack and nature valley bar coupons that I am more than willing to share with friends.

1. 2 Cocoa Puff cereal $1.50, $0.75 IP
2. 6 Granola Nut Cluster bags $1.50, used $1 IP and MQ. There are also $1.60 MQ out there that could make this a moneymaker! (wish I had taken Rachael up on that!)
3. 2 Fruit snacks $1.50, used $1/2 MQ

The above items along with many other types of cereal, granola bars, etc are all on sale for $2 each- unless you buy in multiples of 10. Then they are $1.50. Plus this bonus: for every multiple of five you get a free gallon of Pig milk!

I also bought:
6 Grands biscuits $0.99 each, $1/2 IP and MQ (so $0.49 each and you can freeze!)

The final bonus was if you spend $10 in the store, you can then use the ad coupon to buy the following:
1 dozen eggs for 29 cents
3 lb bag of chicken for $3.99

So overall I was able to get: 2 gallons of milk, a dozen eggs, 3 lbs of chicken, 2 name brand boxes of cereal, 6 grands biscuits, 2 box of fruit snacks and 6 bags of granola nut clusters for only $8.94! My savings was $38.20!!

Reminder that Piggly Wiggly in Poynette and Pardeeville do not accept internet coupons. I was at the Waunakee store so I took advantage of their policy and used internet coupons since they will take them. There are still plenty of manufacture coupons out there to take advantage of this deal without needing to use IP.

I am so glad I was planning a trip to Waunakee anyways and ran into my sister. This was an awesome deal.


  1. I ran to Piggly Wiggly in Waunakee tonight to do the General Mills deal (not many takers on the $1.60 off Granola Nut Clusters so I thought I'd use them myself). Unfortunately the shelves were empty so I inquired at the front desk about a raincheck. The Asst. Store Manager said I could get a raincheck on the items I wanted that they didn't have which was great. However, upon ringing my coupons, he only allowed me to use 1 coupon for my entire transaction on the Honey Nut Granola Clusters, rather than 1 per item (coupon states 1 per purchase). I know the whole purchase v. transaction debate but I didn't really want to debate that with the Asst. Store Manager. If it would have been a clerk, I probably wouldn't have had a problem using multiple coupons for each item. Since I also purchased yogurt and cereal, I still felt I was getting a good deal, although I wish I could have gotten those Granola Nut Clusters free with overage!


  2. Happy to report that persistence paid off. I called Piggly Wiggly the day after my trip for the GM deal and asked about the asst. store manager taking one coupon for the entire transaction rather than one coupon per item (or purchase as the coupon stated). The front desk service manager without any argument at all said I could return to the store with my coupons and she would refund my money for each coupon. I had to return to the store for the raincheck items anyway. Glad I called and asked! -- Rachael