Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yet another Kmart run

I HAD to make another Kmart run, the coupons were beckoning me. Here' s the breakdown, keep in mind that coupons will double up to $2, but won't go over the purchase price.

4 box Mini wheats @2.75: 4 $1 coupons (net 0.75 each)
2 Dawn dish soap price matched to Walgreen's @0.99: 2 0.50 MQ (free)
5 Kraft BBQ sauce @1.00: 0.75 MQ (free)
2 Daisy razors @ 3.75: $2 MQ (free)
3 Bounty paper towels @ 2.49: $1 MQ from booklet (0.49 each)
2 Skintimate shave cream $1.89 each: 0.75 MQ (0.39 each)

My out of pocket total for all of the above was $5.90. My coupon savings was $27.54! Worth the trip I'd say. Cereal for 75 cents is a great deal! I wish there were more cereal choices on sale, but I guess I can wait it out!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome. I also did well when I was in town the other day. I spent $37 (but made two rookie mistakes). It could have been less. I guess it was good since my subtotal was $145 before coupons. I got lots of cereal too!
    Loving your blog!