Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Walmart savings- I needed ink!

After printing all those coupons yesterday, I needed ink. I have a new printer and haven't found any great deals on ink yet. Anyone have any ideas? I will probably take to Walgreen's in the future to get them filled.

I am going to show my deals and take the ink out of the equation when figuring totals and savings.
  • 4 Kraft BBQ sauce 0.98, $1 IP
  • 2 Kraft dressing 1.58, $1.50 MQ from this past Sunday
  • 3 Velveeta shells/cheese $1.50, $1/1 IP
  • Oscar Mayer hot dogs 1.50, $1/2 IP
  • Mini Farfale pasta 1.28, 0.75 IP
  • Ritz Bits 2.00, $1 IP
  • Dole mandarin oranges 0.86, 0.50 IP
  • Dole pineapple 0.72, 0.50 IP
  • CapriSun pouches 1.97, $1 MQ

You'll see I also bought some sugar and coffee creamer that I didn't have coupons for but desperately needed. Wish the hubby would have warned me they were low and not waited until empty!

All told the subtotal was $40.70 (minus the ink). After coupons I had to pay $23.63! Almost half in savings! I blame the excess on Dave! I could have done much better! But I love him anyways!

As always, I hope I am inspiring you all to save money and show how you can do it too! I definitely see a trend that I am using a lot of Internet coupons- so happy my computer is up to speed!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Man, that was awesome. I need to make a Walmart run soon! You go girl. Can't believe your Wags peanut butter deal!

  2. FYI - Coffee Mate currently offers coupons on their website. I've printed a few $1.00 coupons myself recently. I also ran out of ink while printing all those Kraft coupons and made a trip to Best Buy in the midst of printing. Worth the savings though! --- Rachael

  3. I wish I had had time to check the Coffee mate site before I ran to the store! I've got them printed now for when I see a good price! Thanks Rachael

  4. I did shopping for my confined daughter- started at Walmart at $132 and ended with out of pocket amount of $59. Coupons do help!!!

  5. I am the confined daughter, and didn't know I was confined?!? However, I will send a free Coffee Mate I got recently home with the confinee for David.

  6. Kendra -- I was just on A Full Cup under the WAGS posts and many of the members have written that the printer refills there last about 1/2 as long as buying a new one. Some have also complained of poor ink quality (grey color instead of black). Of course you can always try it to see how you like it. I just happen to come across this tonight and thought I'd share that info. since you were going to try WAGS printer refills there next time. -- Rachael

  7. Thanks for the info Rachael, I am still trying to figure out the best option. I got a couple websites to check out but haven't had time yet. I will let you know how it goes.


  8. Hey girl!
    We have 2 places here in town that offer ink refills for the printer. Madison may offer the same when you head that direction....they just drill a hole in yours and refill or you can turn in yours for $ off others already refilled. I think my black ink is like $8 compared to over twice that much for a brand new one!
    Tanya S in ND