Friday, May 29, 2009

Kmart run

Ok, only a couple of these are great deals, but I had to run to Kmart as it is the only place in town I can find the chlorine tabs for our pool. Plus I had a $5 OYNO coupon that I had to use. Yes, I know we all have tons of free Kraft salad dressing (including me), but I think the hubby would DEvorce me if I had let the Hidden Valley coupons expire....which they were about to do. It is his favorite, although he has begrudgingly been using the Kraft stuff. He knew about the coupons, so he has been anxiously awaiting the real stuff!
  • Hidden Valley Ranch 2.99, $1.50/2 IP
  • coffeemate creamer 2.99, $1 IP
  • Cereal 2.50 each, $1 IP
  • Chlorine tabs 9.99 Yikes!

My out of pocket was 23.48. Looks like I also got an instant $1 Kellogg's reward for buying 4 boxes. I seriously do not need cereal for a few months now. The pantry is stocked up again! The good news is my 2 cereal eaters are enjoying all the different kinds I've gotten lately, really trying new things! A miracle I tell you!

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