Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pierce's highlights this week

I am going to just recap my shopping trip and give you the highlights on some deals found at Pierce's.
  • Roma Pizza's 5/$9
  • Bagels forever bagels $1.15
  • Surefine hashbrowns $1.66 each
  • Surefine sugar 4 lb. 1.50
  • Old Dutch Tortilla chips BOGO at 3.99
  • Sunchef chicken breasts 3lb 4.68
  • Surfine baked beans 0.88 for the large cans
  • Lettuce 0.78... 3 day sale
  • cucumbers 4/$2.00
  • Raspberries $2 per container...3 day sale
  • white bread or buns 0.68 store coupon in Wednesday's paper
  • Old Orchard juice 1.25....3 day sale

You'll notice that many items say "3 day sale" after them. Pierce's has been having these sales almost every weekend where there are additional items on sale. If you can wait to do your shopping until then, you may be pleasantly surprised and find even more sales.

I spent $57.70 out of pocket here, and saved $36.36 in coupons and sales.

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