Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Love my WAGS deals!

Found some good deals today, check it out.

5 Peter Pan peanut butter 0.87 on clearance!! (can you believe that?)
  • 2 Cottonelle wipes 1.99 with ad coupon, 0.50 MQ
  • 2 Cutter bug spray 2/$2, $2 internet coupon (IP)
  • Colgate toothbrush 2.99, $1 IP- got $2 RR which made it FREE
  • 2 Dole fruit cups 2/$2, $1 IP

All told I paid $12.90 out of pocket, received $2 Register Rewards and saved a total of $26.60 by using coupons and ads!

Awesome day!


  1. o.k. Kendra, i have been checking your page out for a couple of weeks... I know i am a slow learner, what does WAGS mean?
    I am so amazed at what you accomplish! Keep it up! Gayle

  2. Sorry Gayle, WAGS is Walgreen's! Good to see you the other day!