Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quick Walgreen's run as well...

Well, I had a rain check to use and a Register Reward that was expiring so I decided to make a trip to Walgreen's. I haven't been very impressed with their deals since ending the easy saver coupon/rebate program.
2 Scott tissue-rain check 2/$5, -2 $1 MQ
2 Magic Erasers 2/$5, 0.75 MQ and a BIGI MQ
1 reduced candy 0.40 used as a filler item
Total was $2.72 after coupons and RR. My total savings was $8.43. The beauty is that I put that $2.72 on my gift card from the prescription game. Nothing out of pocket!
What is your opinion of the 'new' Walgreen's programs? They are offering a lot more Register Rewards, but not as many are free. Let me know what you think!

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