Monday, February 23, 2009

Kmart and the doubles!

Let me tell you, I was so freakin' excited about this trip! Lots 'o freebies to be had at Kmart!

This half of my loot shows the 2 kotex, 4 blistex, and 4 packs of bic razors that were FREE! The Lever soap was 24 cents, Secret deodorant and Gillette body wash were 49 cents each and the 2 poptarts were 50 cents each!

This half of the purchases were a little more (it wouldn't fit nice in one picture). The 3 Jergens lotions, 3 bounce dryer sheets, and one laundry soap were $1 each. 4 boxes of Wheat Thins $1.30 each, 2 tampons $1.50 each, coffee mate $1.79, lever soap $3.29, Diapers 6.99. The Benefiber was a rip-off- I'm pretty sure it ran up wrong. It was 8.39.

My total oop was $45.46. Sounds like a lot I know, but before coupons it was $111.67!! It was a savings of 61%.

I would have saved more, but Dave wanted to try the Benefiber so I blame him. Plus I got the pampers as a baby gift for little Ben:)

A great trip I've decided. I may even run back to use a couple more freebie items, if I feel like making the trip. Happy shopping to you!

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