Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekly grocery deals

Wow, another great week for grocery deals. The good news is that I stayed within my weekly $70 budget(within a buck or two). Of course the bad news is that I went over budget the last couple weeks and only have $0.25 left in the grocery envelope. Oops. I have been thinking about the grocery budget and have decided to up it a little bit. Since I'm still trying to stock up the cupboard, I feel an increase is reasonable. I'll let you know what the magic number will be when I decide.

Above is my Walmart trip for the week. I love to put this all on the table and point to each item that is free to show Dave. He is truly amazed! Freebies are the Cascade, 2 bags chips, 4 box baking soda, Ziplocs, and 3 pouches of Tuna. Coupons for several other items. Before coupon total was 51.87, final oop was $32.77. I saved $19.01 in coupons! Total savings of 37%!!

Here is the Pierce's run. Not as many coupons here, but they did have mega sales on the store brand items. We even splurged on some steaks for dinner one night! Several stock up items, noodles, juice, hot dogs, and a big tub of margarine on sale. Total oop $43.76, sale and coupons combined saved $18.80. Savings of 43%!

I am very satisfied with my trips this week. My Kmart is doubling coupons this week, and I will be blogging about that trip next! I can't wait to show you that trip too!

How did you do this week?

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  1. I will be jealous when you blog about KMart since I didn't get up there to hit your's and mine isn't doubling this week.

    Don't feel bad about uping your grocery budget. I spent my weekly grocery and other (target,cvs and wags) amount this week yesterday at Johnson Creek Outlet mall. Oh well, I can survive this week without groceries...just need some milk.