Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Walgreen's and one side trip..

I had another magnificent trip to Walgreen's this week. There are 3Welch's Jelly (I had $1 off coupons, coffee (0.25 MQ), Kleenex (0.50 MQ off 3), Dr. Pepper (free), and suave (free). And because valentine's candy was on sale 50% off, I got a couple treats for the kids. Except for the Metamucil, all items were either on sale and/or I had a coupon for it. My out of pocket was $11.74 (went on a gift card), and my total for coupons/sale was $22.50! My savings was therefore 66% today!

Another very fine day indeed! I just love to save money!

I did make a side trip to Walmart on Sunday in order to use 2 coupons for free Johnson's buddies soaps that expired that day. As I'm walking down the aisle what do I see? Kraft mac 'n cheese boxes on sale for 50 cents each! Such an awesome price. At my local grocery store, the generic mac 'n cheese is more expensive than that! Plus last Friday when I was at this very Walmart getting a few things they were 79 cents each. Needless to say I bought 10 boxes at the lower price! That should last me quite a few weeks with these kids! Although it's getting to be that I have to make 2 boxes these days to fill them up......

What is your Walgreen's plan? I would buy cereal, but I still have a ton from the last time. Leave me a comment and tell me about your scenario's.

Have a good week. The grocery store sale ad is out tomorrow, wonder what will be on sale next????


  1. Wow, you did well at Walgreens. I snagged my free suave (loved the big bottles), but managed to spend $14 OOP. I wanted some cases of water for summer, so that was $6 off the bat. I actually paid 1.99 for a six pack of razors. They are so nice and usually come in a four pack...and I got to thinking about how I would have killed for razors like this before! JC

  2. When did you guys get your free suave coupon. I haven't gotten mine yet. :(

    Another great snag. Will be going to Pick N Save tonight to double coupons. Should spend about $15.00 for about $45 worth of stuff.

    Jen - It is crazy how we sacrificed quality to buy cheap when we should have been using coupons to buy the nice stuff!

  3. Great deals on that Mac and cheese. One should walk the isles frequently I guess.