Sunday, February 1, 2009

My weekly grocery trip!

Ok, I've got my shopping done for the week and managed to get a picture of one of my trips. In the effort of full disclosure, I did swipe some money from my 'out to eat' envelope to pay a little of this, but we will just eat frozen pizza this week instead! I got much better bang for my buck doing this.

At Piggly Wiggly (while visiting my sister Saturday) I spent $22.66, and saved $18.64 with coupons and store savings! Almost 50% savings! The deal I loved most was packages of brats which I got for$1.50 each after coupons! I got 6 packages, you can't beat that!

At Pierce's (see picture) my trip total was $45.66, with a savings of $31.10 with coupons and store sales. To sweeten the deal further, several items were "Superbowl specials" including milk! I saved 40% at Pierce's. Many of the pictured items are not a regular part of the items I buy, but I wanted to make a few special superbowl appetizers! So without that, my total would have been much less! Yes, there are 6 boxes of crackers and 3 pizzas in that picture!

I just love to save money! Saving all this grocery money allowed me to pay $200 extra on a bill this month. I'm working towards being debt free, one day at a time!

On an aside, I'd like to toot my own horn a little more. I installed our 'new' dishwasher by myself yesterday while my husband napped! There is a first time for everything. It was intimidating at first, but I took pictures of our old one hooked up and used it as a guide. It was no problem at all!

How did you do shopping this weekend? Leave me a comment, don't be shy and leave your name too! I like the feedback! More later......


  1. Kendra,

    How much do you budget each week for food? I am trying to figure out a good amount since it is just Jada and I, but I haven't got a good number. Since I only go to the store about once a month (execpt for a few essentials in between) it is hard for me to budget.


  2. Kendra,
    Love your blog update! I can't believe you hooked up your own machine. That is awesome! I also rocked the deals this weekend with double-couponing...$85 worth of stuff for $21! I am so inspired these days!
    Love the cash campaign!

  3. I budget $70 a week for all 5 of us. Only been on the budget for 2 months, but it seems to be a good fit for us. There is separate money for WAGS and a little bit for out to eat as well. Now that I'm using coupons I'm getting a lot more for my money!

  4. Great deals. Dishwasher working ok??? Maybe you could do that on the side!!!

  5. No plumbing on the side! It's the first thing I said to Dave afterwards!

  6. Kendra,

    Do you have any suggestions for women about to become new mothers? Where is the coupon cache for diapers and formula and the like, or was that before your coupon clipping time?


    P.S. I am impressed about the dishwasher. I've got some projects that need doing, too...