Saturday, February 28, 2009

A 2nd successful Kmart trip!!

Here it is folks, my second trip to Kmart to use their double coupons to my advantage. I will list my deals for you after coupons.

Freebies: 4 boxes pantyliners, 1 bag razors, 1 toothpaste, 1 tweezers, 1 Buddies soap.
19 cents: 1 clean & clear cleaner
40 cents: 1 box hot chocolate
50 cents: 4 boxes Pop Tarts
80 cents: 1 bag cookie mix
$1 each : 2 jugs laundry soap
$1.29: Tampax
$1.50 each: 3 bottles Benefiber

My total before any coupons was $65 ish (and change), my after coupon total including taxes was $11.95. This means it was a savings of 82%. Definitely worth the time!

Sure it took a little longer than a 'normal' trip to the store, but I did pre-plan which coupons I would use as well. To me, that extra time was worth the savings! Plus, this is all stuff I will be able to use. Got quite the shoppers high from this trip!

Besides Jenny (since I know your stash), how did everyone else do with the Kmart doubles this week? Leave me a note.

Next up will be a (little) grocery shopping today and Walgreen's on Tuesday. I got the Walgreen's ad~ lots of good deals to be had next week!

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