Friday, February 6, 2009

Answering questions and shopping plan.

Ok, first with the questions. Thank you to everyone that has commented on the blog. I love getting the feedback. Jenny asked if I knew where to find hotel coupons. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure. We so rarely go to a hotel. I would start with their website and see if they have a 'specials' tab. But I have also heard that if you call the hotel directly, the price may be even lower.

Another idea is to see if there is an Entertainment Book for your area. It contains lots of coupons for restaurants, hotels, and other attractions. Search their website to see if your area has coupons available.

The next question that I've had is where a new mom can look for a cache of baby coupons. By all means, you need to start by signing up on each companies websites! They will send you samples to try their products and they usually have coupons too. Do this for the diapers, wipes, formula and baby food companies. You can also try calling them to request coupons or samples. When my twins were born, I called all the formula companies to see if they had any multiples specials, and every company sent me some freebies. It doesn't hurt to ask!

Tonight or tomorrow I will be making my weekly run to the grocery store and Walmart. So this afternoon, I clipped and organized my coupons from last weekend. I have already pulled several coupons I know I will be using. I also started my meal plan for the next week so I am sure to have all the ingredients. My hubby is off work at the end of next week, so we may spice up the menu a little!

More tomorrow.....

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  1. When I booked my hotel for LaCrosse next month, I didn't have any coupons. I first went to the hotel website and checked the price there. (I think it was $110 a night). I then tried a bunch of travel websites and found a couple sites that offered $79 a night). Be careful because each site has different charges, so I compared the end total per night and booked through
    Hope this helps.