Monday, February 2, 2009

A low key kind of day....

Not too much new today, so I'll tackle coupons again. I told you to clip them all, now you need to organize them! I have a 4 x 6 photo album that is about 20 pages that I currently use. Disclaimer: this isn't going to work for me much longer; it won't stay closed with all the coupons. But it has worked great so far for me.

I separate the coupons in half by food and non-food, then I divided them into categories. Whatever works for you is what you should use. An example of my food categories are cereal, breakfast items, refrigerated bread/rolls, dairy, snack items, desserts, drinks, spices, and so on. Do the same with your non-food items.

I find it helpful to cut out each coupon and handle it several times so it is easier for me to remember what coupons I have. Luckily, this comes easy for me. Many bloggers recommend having a price list so you know what price is a 'deal'. Fortunately my brain has tons of room for this non essential information and I am able to recall it quite easily.

Beyond that, go through sale flyer's and try to match up the sale to the coupons!

Tomorrow is my Walgreen's shopping trip for the week, so check back for updates.

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