Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walgreen's~ I am lovin' it!

Walgreen's, how I love thee. I feel so giddy when I am there and save a bunch of money. It is so addicting! Definitely a rush. Here's the low down on my weekly trip.

I had coupons for everything I bought, which makes my day. Four Colgate toothpaste for $0.24 each (which I may donate), paper towels for $0.64 each, Dawn dish soap for $0.49 each, plus I stocked up on my batteries. I had a rain check for 3 green re-usable bags that I also picked up. Don't forget the money making Gillette razor!

Coupon savings was $31.05, oop was $24,48 minus $6 RR I received making the final total $18.48. Awesome! The batteries alone were $8, so I certainly got lots 'o stuff!

I usually spend Monday nights (after kiddos in bed) clipping my weekend coupon inserts and planning my Walgreen's trip for the week. That way, as I file coupons, I am reminded about several others that I have as I handle them. I also write a list, noting my final price (so I can tell if everything rang up right) and whether I need to complete more than one transaction. This seems to work well for me.

How was your Walgreen's trip this week? Are you rocking any particular deals? Tell me all about it, maybe I missed something!

Till next time..................

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  1. I stopped at Wags today at lunch. They had 2liter Sunkist soda on sale for 4/$5 plus 2 dollar RR. The soda had coupons stuck to them $1/2. In the end, I got 4 sodas for $1.00.

    Did you do the disney rebate for your Jif Peanut butter. I bought Smuckers Jelly at Wags today as well and use the receipt for the Disney offer.