Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grocery shopping for next week!

Hello everyone! I got my shopping done for the week, going to two stores to get it done.First up: Walmart

Sub total here was $61.28, and I had $20.15 in coupons. My total therefore was $41.13. Very good!

My favorite deals were the 8 packets of taco seasoning that were $0.19 each after coupons, 6 Starkist tuna packets that were $0.16 each after coupons. Also in that mix is a free cascade rinse, and betty crocker potato pouches that were $0.43 each after coupons. The rest is all stuff we needed, many of which I had coupons for! All in all, a very successful trip.

Now to Pierce's, where most of my items were generic sale items. Here is that photo:

I just noticed that I was overcharged on the canned veggies that were on sale, so I will be going back to the store! Anyways, I stocked up on sale sugar, tons of cheese and the beer is a treat for hubby on his days off. I spent $47.05 here.

The totals between both places is a little higher than our budgeted $70 for the week. I guess next week I will have to try and come in a little under budget to make up for it. Unless there is a really good sale of course tempting me!

Dave has also decided to try and give up soda, so our Mt Dew purchases should go down every week. I am committed only to 'cut back'. Not ready for those caffeine headaches yet.

Temperatures here are in the high 30's today, which feels like a heat wave. The kids have already been riding their bikes today, and we got our first biking injury of the year too. No broken bones I think, only a bruise.

Have a great week everyone. I am now planning my weekly Walgreen's trip. I am low in my Walgreen's envelope, but I got two rebates back in the mail which has replenished the cash! Happy happy joy joy!

One last note, does anyone actually pay for toothpaste anymore? Don't!! The most you should pay is less than $0.25. Walgreen's is selling Colgate now for 99 cents, and there is a whole bunch of $0.75 or $1 coupons out there. Call me if you need some! Otherwise, I may buy up a bunch to donate to the food pantry!

Check back later this week for more.....

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