Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My blah Walgreen's trip

Well, I wasn't too excited by this weeks ad. I just can't even make myself buy any more Fusion razors right now, even when they are free or a moneymaker. I think I will give my coupons away for those. I don't think there were any super dooper deals this week, but I still managed to spend a bit. Here's the picture....
The best food deal I could find was the Velveeta shells that my kids love 3/$5. The foil wrap was free, and the 20 free photos are there as well. Otherwise, I got ibuprofen BOGO, and tums (not pictured). Spent around $20 after coupons, but I had a gift card I had earned from mypoints.com that I used. All in all it was $7.22 oop, but not that exciting.

I will be heading back to Kmart later in the week to pick up a few more freebies.

I spent Sunday at the mall in Madison with the family. I took a few minutes on the computer before we left looking for deals and I managed to get $5 off a $5 purchase at JC Penney's, a free pair of underwear at Victoria's Secret, and a free 1oz lotion at VS too. It definitely made that trip worthwhile!


  1. Ben wants to know when he's getting his diapers. :)

  2. Be patient Ben, I will visit soon to straighten out your mom once and for all. Do not blame her, for she is elderly!

  3. Is it Ben's mom or GRANDMA that needs to be straigtened out? I have a feeling it is grandma!

  4. I went to K-Mart!!!!! I was so excited when I got back. Plus they had other products that I use on CLEARANCE! Thanks for educating all of us on the great deals.