Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Walgreen's order

First of all, sorry my posts have been a little late. My connection has been a little spotty the last couple days. Maybe the weather?

Now on to the fun stuff. I got all four boxes of Kleenex seen above for $0.33 after coupons and tax! Yes, I only had to dig in the bottom of my purse to pay for them!

Kleenex on sale for $0.79 with ad coupon, used $0.75 IP from Kmart website. So each box cost me 4 cents and the tax.

You can print the coupon 2 times on each computer. Makes it good for stocking up on tissue!

1 comment:

  1. another good deal along those same lines though not so close to a freebie: there's a $2.00off Viva Paper towels coupon on the kmart coupon site also.
    When partnered with $2off of 6pk in Walgreen's $200 Savings Flyer(on website or a photocopied sheet on bottom of the sales flyer by door) makes for very good paper towels for quite a good deal...though i haven't checked around to see if 2pks are less than $3 anywhere else to use just the $2 from online and be a similar deal.
    also, if you need a last minute christmas gift or something little to add to a present or bring to a host, the Russell Stover Chocolates (12oz box) is normally about $9 but you can get for $2.99 with Q from this week's ad and the $1/1 that came with the paper in the last few weeks(sorry i don't know date)...mmm, chocolate:)

    Merry CHRISTmas!