Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Walgreen's stash

First of all, a word of warning: Do Not Let Your Register Rewards EXPIRE like I did. Such a total downer. Hate it when that happens. At least it was only $1 but it is like throwing away money.

I got a couple deals today, nothing spectacular but good enough for me.

2 box Lucky Charms $1.99 each, used $1 IP
2 cans Black Olives $0.99 with ad coupon, used $1/2 IP
2 Raisins 2/$4, used $1/2 MQ
6 Hunts tomato sauce 3/$1 after ad coupon, used $1/3 IP (free)
1 Pantene conditioner $5.99, used $1 MQ and got $2 in RR back (net $2.99)
3 Progresso soups $0.99 each, used $1.10/3 IP
1 Child water bottle $2.99 (needed for a child at school)

My total after out of pocket was $16.30 with a coupon and ad savings of $25.82! Don't forget I also got $2 back in Register Rewards towards my next purchase. Overall, it was a little higher than I like for the bottom line, but I did get a bunch of good stuff!

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