Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best Buy TV deal

Here is a deal sent in by a reader (and friend)....

A one tip for those looking to get rid of an old tv…
You will have to pay the dump $20 to dispose of it.

Best buy will charge you only $10 then give you a $10 gift card.

Yes, it works, we just did it this weekend!

Plus, I have a Bath & Body works coupon: Free item of your choice with any purchase of $10 or more up to $13 value good thru Dec. 24 if you know anyone interested. (abednego9@verizon.net)

Thank you to Gayle for giving us the info! Getting rid of an old TV is the pits, but at least this way you break even!

If you are getting to the mall in the next two days, that Bath & Body works coupon is a good one!

1 comment:

  1. Kendra-
    I am looking for a $1 off Chinet Paper Plates coupon and the $2 off Viva Paper Towel coupons if you know of anyone who has extras!
    Thank you!