Monday, December 7, 2009

Hallmark deal- go get it!!

Remember seeing Hallmark coupons in magazines this month? Well, now Hallmark has a $5/$5 purchase coupon you can print online. Press the "back" button and you can print two per computer. Luckily, I have 2 computers, so I went off to Hallmark today to get a ton of free stuff. They let me do 4 separate transactions and were sooo nice about it. (you go Portage Hallmark store!)

Transaction one---------------
2 Christmas wrapping paper buy one at $4.99, get one for $0.99.

I used the $5 IP and my total was then $1.31!

Transaction two---------------
2 Christmas wrapping paper, buy one at $4.99, get one for $0.99.
1 1/2 price wrapping paper solid color $1.49.

I used the $5 IP and my total was $2.88!

Transaction three
1 Scooby Doo for gift $6.99

I used the $5 IP and my total was $2.37!

Transaction four
1 Body Butter jar $5.50 on clearance
1 roll of solid wrapping paper on clearance

I used the $5 IP and my total was $2.36!

Let's run down the totals: I used $20 in coupons and my ending out of pocket was $8.92. I've now got tons of wrapping paper and two Christmas gifts out of the way. My ending bonus was on my final receipt, I can call a number and complete a survey to get an addition $2 off a future purchase.

Definitely a winning trip. It is worth your while. If you only do the wrapping paper deal it will be cheaper than going out the day after Christmas to get paper at 1/2 price at the other stores.

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