Friday, December 11, 2009

A frugal Christmas

I come from a family of 4 girls. We are all grown up now, three are married, we all have kids. It's hard to get all of us together in one spot, but we have a Christmas tradition that spans a weekend.

We pick a weekend in December , but not on Christmas. We all stay together in a hotel or condo rental that is big enough for us all and has a full kitchen layout. Keep in mind there are about 17 of us. The only money we spend is our portion of the rental. When it comes to food, we do something different.

Each family is assigned a meal. You are responsible for bringing the food, cooking, and clean up for one meal. After that you can sit back, relax and not worry about food! This is such a great idea and a way to make a whole weekend very frugal for the family. Everyone signs up for the meal of their choice and can cook whatever they want.

This year we are 'frugalizing' the tradition even more. We are holding the get together at my sister's house! It will be a very relaxing affair for the adults involved. We have activities planned to keep the kiddos busy like cookie decorating and sledding.

My meal is breakfast the first morning. I have french toast, bacon and sausage planned. Since my kids are usually the first ones awake, I will get it all done early and will bask in the meal prep relaxation during all the other meals.

Soooo looking forward to the holiday this year!

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  1. This sounds like fun! We did something similar with meal planning on our vacation this summer and it was so nice to only have to cook dinner 1 night. Have a fun weekend.