Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pierce's highlights

It's another week and another extra large ad as well. As always, be sure to check their ad directly. It is also posted here on Thursday morning.

Page one
It's the "12 Roasts of Christmas" here. They are all well above my target range for meat, so none are a great deal to me. They might be nice as a treat though.

Cook's shank portion ham $0.98/lb
Surefresh butter $1.68/lb
Pictsweet frozen veggies $0.98

Page two
More roast.....the Pork sirloin roast is $1.88/lb
Surefine young turkey $0.78/lb

Page three
DelMonte canned veggies 2/$1 with ad coupon- also use $1/4 IP to make them $0.25 each
Kraft stuffing mix $0.98
Betty Crocker potatoes $0.98, used $0.35 MQ
Kraft salad dressing 2/$3
Swiss Miss hot cocoa $1, use $0.50/2 MQ
Kraft marshmallows $1, use $1/2 MQ
Surefine sugar $1.78
Surefine flour $0.88
Surefine pwd sugar or brown sugar $0.98
Nestle choc chips $2, use $1 IP

Page four
Kraft block cheese 2/$3, use ad coupn for $1 and stack with $1/2 MQ (buy 4, use ad coupon and (2) MQ to equal $3 for 4 blocks!)

Kraft cream cheese $0.88, use $1.25/3 MQ from tearpad in store
Daisy sour cream $1.50, use $0.50 MQ
Dole frozen fruit $2.50, use $0.75 MQ (great for smoothies in the winter)

Page five
Dole pineapple $0.88, use $0.50 IP
Wheat thins or Triscuts $2, use $1/2 MQ
Chinet napkins $1.50, use $1 MQ

Page six
Pineapple $2.98
T Marzetti dip $2.98, use $1 MQ

I guess that is it folks. Have a great weekend everyone!

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