Monday, December 21, 2009

Target goodies

I made a quick run to Target when I was in Sun Prairie last week and found a couple good deals I thought I would share with you. I got the following items for $4.73!

2 Method natural all purpose cleaner $2.99, used $2 IP
1 Pepperidge farm cookies $2.54, used $1 IP
1 Poptart $1.99, used $1 IP off any keebler or kellogg product
4 Swiss Miss hot cocoa $0.97, used (2) $1 target Q and (2) $0.50/2 MQ
6 Ocean Spray craisins $0.99, used $1 MQ on each

The total for all after coupons was $4.73. I also got $0.05 discount for each of my reusable bags as well. Be sure to remember your bags whenever you shop at Target and you can get it too. You may have to remind them!

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