Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pierce's highlights of the week

As always, be sure to check out the Pierce's website or ad directly to be sure I didn't miss anything you might need. I post only the items I feel are a good deal. It looks like there will be another 3 day sale as well. Check it out here on Thursday.

Page one
Cook's ham portion $0.98/lb, gonna get me a big one!
Broccoli $0.78/lb
Pillsbury rolls $1.48, $0.25 MQ on crescent rolls, $0.30/2 MQ on Grands
Old Dutch tortilla chips or salsa $2.88
Minute Maid orange juice $1.88

Page two
Kraft chunk or shredded cheese 2/$3, use $1/2 MQ
Bagels Forever $1

Page three
Surefine frozen veggies $0.88
Surefine frozen potatoes $1.88
Surefine canned vegetables 2/$1
Valutime aluminum foil $0.58

Page four
Betty Crocker brownies $0.88
Surefine flour 5lb $0.88

Page five
Hidden Valley Ranch 2/$5
Minute Rice $1.88, $0.50 MQ
Arnold soft bread 2/$3, $0.55 MQ

Page six
Pears $0.88/lb
Baby cut carrots 2lb $1.98

Overall, it doesn't feel like a great week for deals or stocking up. Oh well, those weeks will come another time. Have a great week everyone!


  1. yeah for snow days! if i hadn't been snowed in i would've gone to walgreens to buy kellogg's cereals but it ends up cheaper at pierce's with coupons! $.41 each if they have the right sizes that is!

  2. As long as you don't plan to use the $5/4 coupon, as it an internet coupon and they don't take IP over $1.

  3. really? bummer! good to know...thanks. i haev some others stashed that might help but will probably end up fighting all of you for the leftovers at wags...or just getting a raincheck:)

  4. I think we should all revolt that policy anyways. I just may take it up as a cause!

    Get a rain check at WAGS for sure!

  5. I took advantage of k-marts buy 2 playskool get 1 free last week. I got $98 worth of toys for $44. I had 3 $19.99 ones, $14.99, $11.99, and a $10.99, it gave me a 19.99 free and the 10.99, instead of just doing the 2 lowest ones. And then I used coupons worth $28. I'm going to get tags off the giving tree at U.S.Bank(I do this one every year) and use most the toys I got for that, since my kids are a bit older then the toys I got.

    I also was at Walgreens last night bummin around and noticed they had restocked the chinet plates and picked up 2 of them for $1.15. Such a nice deal.