Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Using all my Register Rewards!

Geez, the lighting on this picture is horrible. Try to bear with me.

I didn't think there were any stellar deals in the WAGS flyer this week. However, I did want to use my register rewards and pick up some things we needed- which is the whole point of using the register rewards.

4 boxes of Kashi GoLean cereal $2.50 sale, used $1.50 MQ...got for $1 a box!
2 Ginormous Walgreen's Benadryl $7.49, sale is BIGI plus I used a $0.50 WAGS Q
2 Folger's coffee $3.99 sale in ad

My total after coupons and remaining register rewards was $5.90. My coupon and ad savings was $42.95!

So I have no more register rewards for next week, but my Walgreen's shopping $ is replenished this weekend. My monthly budget for Walgreen's is $40. Considering that, I have saved the following:

Week one (here): Spent $7.89, Saved $62.88
Week two (here):Spent $15.50, Saved $109.57
Week three (here): Spent $6.43, Saved $56.20
Week four (this post): Spent $5.90, Saved $42.95

To recap, for the month of October I spent $35.72 and I saved (via coupons and sales) $271.60. I'm not even figuring in the register rewards because they spend like cash driving down my total out of pocket. I'd say this is a pretty impressive use of my money!

Have questions? Want to get started and save the big bucks like I do? It's super easy, email me!

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