Friday, November 6, 2009

Today only- 1 day Meat Sale

You have GOT to head to Pierce's today and check out their 1-day meat sale. I scored some awesome deals. Can you believe I got everything above for only $54.88? This includes several things I normally wouldn't buy. Here is the breakdown on the deals:

Country Style pork spareribs $1.58/lb. I got two packs for less than $2.50 each!

Ground Chuck is $1.78/lb---stock up at this price!!!!

Pork spare ribs $0.98/lb, got two packs of these too!

Pork chops (bone in) $1.38/lb, got a family pack for %5.22 that I split into 2 packs to go into the freezer.

Pork spare ribs boneless $1.58/lb, I split this into two packs in the freezer as well.

Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.48/lb (right at my target price). I bought approx 3# and split into 2 freezer bags.

As for my other items.... I will be out of town all of next week for a work training. As hubby will be home all week with the kids, he had a couple requests. I don't normally buy juice pouches for the lunches, I use a water bottle that I fill with juice. He doesn't want to worry about filling them all week when making lunches so I got enough pouches to last until I'm home. The chips and lunch meat are for hubby as well.

The item I am angry about is that I paid full price for that salad dressing! I had soooo many this past summer, but we just emptied the last one two nights ago. I hope so new coupons for this come out soon!

For the month I ended up only $0.88 over my budget of $280. Luckily, I had that in spare change in the bottom of my purse today. Envelope gets filled next weekend, freezer and pantry are bursting, so I am good to go! Life is good.

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