Monday, October 5, 2009

Rolling Register Rewards at Walgreen's

Man, did I have fun at Walgreen's. I managed to do four separate transactions in order to minimize my out of pocket cash, and maximize my use of register rewards.

Transaction #1
1 Vaseline lotion $6.99, $1.50 IP
1 Chapstick $2.99
1 pencil $0.12 with ad coupon

I used a $6 RR and a $2 RR earned last week. My total was then $1.17 (savings of $9.76). I also earned a $7 RR from the lotion ($1.50 moneymaker) and a $3 RR for the chapstick (free after reward).

Transaction #2
1 Chapstick $2.99
1 Gillette Fusion razor $8.99, used $4 MQ

I used a $7 RR earned from above. My total out of pocket was $1.64 (savings of $13.00). I also earned a $6 RR from the Razor (making it a $1.01 moneymaker) and a
$3 RR for the chapstick.

Transaction #3
1 Vaseline lotion $6.99, used $1.50 IP
4 box Nabisco cookies $1 each, Used $0.75/2 MQ
1 Selsun shampoo $7.99
4 pencils $0.12 each with ad, (used as filler item in order to use a RR)

I used a $6 RR and a $3 from the previous transaction. My total out of pocket was $2.08 (Savings of $20.52). I also earned a $7 RR from the lotion.

Transaction #4
2 Folgers coffee $4.59 each, $0.25 MQ
1 Halls refresh $1.00, $0.50 MQ
2 Playtex disp gloves $0.99 after ad coupon, $1 MQ
5 pencils $0.12 after ad coupon

I used the $7 RR from above transaction. My total out of pocket was $3.00 (savings of $19.60). I also earned a $1 RR from the Halls (making it a $0.50 moneymaker).

The bottom line:
My total out of pocket for all transactions was $7.89.
My total savings for sales and coupons was $62.88!!!!
I still have $10 in RR to use on my next visit!!

This was the first time I was quite this successful rolling the register rewards. I will admit that I had to sit down at home and plan this out quite extensively before I ran to the store. I didn't have much cash left to spend at WAGS.

Many of the Register Rewards I used and earned are month long specials. There are quite a few freebies you can cash in on! Good luck on your own deals!


  1. have you found the portage wags clerks willing to let you do separate transactions at the same visit or do you go back to the store on separate trips? they don't seem to happy with me when i've asked to do separate transactions even if no one is waiting...and very reluctant(if they'll do it at all) to use RR you just got in the previous transaction.

  2. and what about how "they" say you can't use RR from the same company as what you're paying for and still get the register RR? have you had problems getting the RR to print for transactions like you listed where so many were Proctor & Gamble products?
    and then also in T1 & T2 where you bought a chapstick with the RR from a chapstick? ...I've heard/read (and found in my experience) that the RR won't print then.
    Has this not been a problem for you?
    I have the worst luck at Walgreens...they're always super nice and I am too but something always goes wrong! I feel like they must know me when they see me just for this reason:)

  3. I haven't had problems lately with the clerk and multiple transactions, although I have in the past. I always ask politely and there are many clerk who don't seem to mind.

    Yes, it is true that you can not use a RR earned to pay for a transaction in which you buy another of those items. (i.e. can't use a chapstick RR to pay for buying a chapstick because it won't print another reward).

    I was very careful in planning these transactions so I didn't overlap like that. I think I must have a typo in my post. I think I also used an RR from the previous week and not the chapstick RR. Thanks for noticing.

    Let me know if you still have questions.

  4. Whoops, I see what I did. On transaction #2 I only used the $7 RR, not the chapstick RR. That way it didn't matter and the chapstick RR would print.