Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kmart Rewards Program

I finally got a chance to run to Kmart today to check out the Reward Program they have started.

First off, it is NOT a credit card. It is a loyalty card much like you have at Pierce's. You earn 1% on all purchases using the card that you can use at any time to buy items in store.

Best of all, the card allows you to double up to 5 coupons per day!! I have heard that the register will not allow you to go over the 5 coupons.

It is super easy to sign up. The forms are available at the courtesy desk and the registers. You fill out name, address, phone and email. You get a card to use immediately.

I tried to double a coupon coupons today but the program isn't working correctly yet and the manager wasn't in to work yet when I was there. If you go and it still isn't working be sure to insist that the manager credit you the correct amount. I plan to call the store later today to see if the glitch has been fixed.

All in all, it sounds like a good program to me. Of course it also sounds like I will be visiting Kmart a lot!


  1. For real? I've asked two different people at the Portage Kmart and they both told me that this store isn't participating in the doubles part of the program and from what I'd heard online, this is not uncommon.
    Any doubling is only thru mid December though, right?
    ...just thought I'd see if you've found other things out that I haven't.

  2. I forgot to call them back today. I plan to call and speak to the manager tomorrow and will update the site with information as soon as I know it.

  3. Any update on if Portage is participating in the doubles?