Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Late Postings

Just a reminder for everyone that I am out of town this week. The Pierce's posting will be late, I can not guarantee it until the weekend.

I am at a certification class for my job that is very intensive. Thursday and Friday I am in class from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. I also have homework every night. So that is why my posts are sporadic at best. At least I got the laptop figured out yesterday!

I hope everyone is having a good week.

At the top of my blog agenda when I return home is the Pierce's post and then I will follow up on the Kmart Rewards Program that I am hearing buzz about.


  1. okay i just have to tell someone who'll truly appreciate my excitement about my trip to Wags today! my husband's been rolling his eyes at me and my coupons and deals for years just doesn't grow old to me though:)

    at first, i was a little bummed, they were out of a bunch of the things i'd hoped to get(but rainchecks will suffice) but i knew things would still work out but when i got my receipt back, i was still surprised to see i had a total savings(sales and coupons) of $101.15 - a personal best at least considering i only paid $4.14! and walked away with a $17 profit.
    right after i paid the $4, i realized i need milk and should've bought it so could've used another reward and only paid $.90 oh well. so yeah, i walked away with over $100 of stuff for $4 plus $6 in RR and $15 in a MIRs. i love making money shopping:)

  2. I share your excitement! I love getting a good deal, which is how this blog originated. I just had to share with others!! You go ahead and brag, I love it!