Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where to buy Granola Bars this week

I have heard from other moms like myself that their kids love these granola bars. My kids could easily eat 3 for a snack if I let them. There is a definite affinity for them in our house.

That being said, there are a couple places that feature these on sale right now.

1. Pierce's has them on sale for Saturday/Sunday/Monday for $1.98/ box.
2. Walgreen's also has them on sale for 2/$5, but when you buy $10 worth you can get a $5 register reward for your next purchase.

Let's compare the deals.

Example with Pierce's
Buy 4 boxes at $1.98 each = $7.92
use $1/2 IP (or you may have $0.75/2 MQ)
= $5.92 for 4 boxes
($1.48 each)

Buy 4 boxes at $2.50 each = $10
use $1/2 IP
= $8 for 4 boxes
receive $5 Register Rewards
= $3 net after rewards for 4 boxes
($0.75 each)

So you see the deal is actually better at Walgreen's this week even though the initial price seems higher. Now let's say you are horrible at remembering to use your register rewards and they often expire (gasp). Do a second transaction immediately spending that register reward on something else you need.

OR, turn around and buy 4 more granola bars using the register rewards to pay. Now you won't earn more rewards (because you can't earn a reward when you use that exact reward during payment) but you will end up with 8 boxes of granola bars for a total of $11 out of pocket or only $1.37 each box. Still better than the Pierce's special.

Confused? Not sure how I figured that? Let me know.

My point is that just because the ad says it is on sale, be sure to double check. It pays to know your prices.

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