Saturday, October 17, 2009

Grocery shopping wrap-up

I have combined my grocery shopping stops into one post for today. I will outline the deals and coupons.

First up is Walmart. You all know that I rarely shop at Walmart, but I had a couple coupons for products I knew I couldn't get at Pierce's. I've been saving those coupons up and finally had enough to justify a trip there this week.

3 Tic tacs $1.04 each, not typically a part of the budget but I had a well behaved child to rewards (and 2 brothers who would find out about the treat so they each got one)
2 Healthy Choice frozen meals $1.68 each, had a $2 IP on each and got the overage!
2 Success Rice $1.84 each, had a $1 IP on each so $0.84 each
2 Bumble Bee tuna kits $1.16 each, $1 IP on each so $0.16 each
8 Taco seasoning mix $0.58 each, $0.75/2 MQ so $0.21 each
2 V8 Fusion Juice $2.98 each, $1 IP on each so $1.98 each
2 Starkist pouches $0.93 each, $0.50 IP so $0.43 each
1 Hormel Chicken chili $2.50, $2 MQ so $0.50
2 box Snuggle fabric softener $3.48, $3 MQ so $0.48 each
2 Neosporin lip care $3.56, used $3 IP, so $0.56 each
2 Juicy Juice boxes $2.38, $1/2 IP
2 Danimals yogurts $2.50, $1 MQ on each

My total here was $21.23 after using all my coupons. Not bad for the amount of stuff I got. I don't normally spend very much for juice, but my youngest is not eating enough veggies and fruit that I try to use the V8 fusion for him when I have coupons. I also wanted to get some juice boxes for school and had a coupon I could use that was about to expire.

The above is my trip to Pierce's. Here's a recap of this trip.
Coupon deals:
2 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $2.50, used $1 IP on each
1 Pace Salsa $2.50, used coupon for free up to $4- and got the overage!
4 Kraft Cheese $2 each, used $1/2 IP

You can see the rest of the stuff in the photo. My total after coupons and ad savings was $31.51. My coupon and club savings was $22.83.

Last up is the trip to Sentry Foods in Sun Prairie that my mom made for me. Sentry currently will double coupons on Tuesday, but only 10 coupons. Here is what I got based on their current ad.
4 Old Orchard juices $1 each on sale, $1/2 IP so free after doubled
4 Granola nut clusters $2.50, $1 MQ doubled so $0.50 each after coupon
2 Uncle Bens rice $2.14, $1 MQ on each, $0.14 each after doubled.

My total here was $2.28 after doubled coupons!

I also made a quick trip to Goodwill and picked up a Halloween costume and a book and spent $5.68.

All trips combined for a total of $60.70 spent for this week. As you may know, my budget is $70 per week for the family so I am well under budget for this week. I have a full freezer and we are trying to buy a 1/4 beef so I need to clean out the freezer. I'm trying not to buy much meat for awhile as a result. I'm going to use the money to stock up the cupboard when I can find deals!

Check out some more deals with Crystal at money saving mom.


  1. What is the max price that Sentry doubles for coupons?

  2. Thanks! I think I'll be making a trip to Sentry.

  3. The No Yolks were free also!