Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A coupon favor....

Hi all. Many of you know that my youngest son is allergic to milk and daily. His diet is limited and it can present a challenge when couponing. He can only drink Soy milk.

I just learned that a previous link for $2 off Soy Milk (hugely valuable coupon) is still available. I am not able to print it anymore, but you may be able to.

I'm place the link for printing in Internet Explorer here. I am wondering if anyone that won't be using this coupon themselves--- could you print it for me?

I am willing to coupon trade, send you stamps or any other trade you can think of. I will even pick it up if you are fairly local. Soy coupons are very rare, and this one has an expiration date of June 2010! If you have printed this previously (like my family) you won't be able to print it again.

Be sure to press the back button so you can print it a second time.

Email me at and I will arrange pick up, etc.

Thank you in advance if you can help with this!!

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