Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Rolling Reward Deal

I found another RR deal that I simply had to take advantage of! In the words of my hubby afterwards "I don't think you'll need to buy deodorant in awhile".

3 Playtex gloves $0.99 after ad coupon, used $1 MQ on each so FREE
8 Dove deodorant on sale $2.24 each, used $1 MQ or IP on each.
3 Pencils $0.12 after ad coupon, bought as filler in order to pay with RR

Used 3- $3 RR that I earned on my last transaction. My total out of pocket $2.45 and I also earned $10 RR by buying 8 Dove products.

After factoring in the Register Rewards, the deodorant cost me $0.24 each (Update, I did the math wrong, it actually cose me $0.48 for all 8; so $0.06 each), more than I usually pay but I like this brand. And I still have $11 in RR going into next weekend!


  1. where do u get the dove coupons cuz I love dove and wont use any other?

  2. Printable off RedPlum.com

    And there were some in the Red Plum insert from this past weekend.

  3. TY I'm such a blonde and didn't pay attention to what was in the coupon ads last weekend.

  4. They didn;t have any for me to print off:(