Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pierce's highlights for the week

Here is list of the deals this week. As always, I list the items that I consider a good deal. Be sure to check the ad for your self here, to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Page one
Pork Chops $1.68/lb (I think this is pretty good for chops, I know the pork steaks are usually cheaper)

Bananas $0.38/lb
Farmland sausage links or rolls, $0.98
Quartered butter $1.58 for 1lb
Pepsi products 2 liter $1 each
Pillsbury cake mix $0.88, $1 mQ from tearpad

Page two
Kraft chunk or shredded cheese 2/$4, $1/2 IP
Grands sweet rolls 2/$5, $1/2 IP
Pillsbury Pie Crusts 2/$5

Page three
Dole fruit cups $1.88
Stove Top stuffing 4/$5
Jello no bake dessert 2/$4, $1/2 MQ

Page four
Broccoli $0.78/lb
Surefine spaghetti or elbow macaroni 32 oz, 2/$4

Keep in mind folks that when something is prices 2/$4 you do not need to buy 2 to get that price UNLESS the sticker specifically says you must. You will still get the good price.

Not a ton of deals this week. Looks like it will be a low spending week for groceries for me, but that is ok. We still have carrots, tons of apples and plenty of frozen and canned fruit and veggies. Not to mention a freezer full of meat.

The ad also makes reference to the "fall harvest" 3 day sale starting this Saturday. Be sure to check their website for details which will be up online on Thursday.

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