Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pierce's highlight for the week

It's an interesting week at Pierce's. This week they are featuring their own (generic) brand of products. I will highlight only what I think are good prices.

Page one
Celery stalk $0.78
Mcintosh or cortland apples $2.48 for a 5# bag
Eggs $0.88
Canned Vegetables 2/$0.88 (this is a great price to stock the pantry!)
Flour $0.98 for 5 lbs. (think ahead to Christmas baking supplies)
Sugar $1.68 for 4 lbs (this is the lowest price I ever see it)

Page two
Self-basting Young Turkey $0.88/lb
Gold 'n Plump whole chicken $4.50
Cream cheese $0.78
Pictsweet frozen veggies 4/$5

Page three
Canned fruit 4/$5
Ketchup $0.88
Broth chicken or beef 2/$1
Condensed soup 2/$0.98
Egg noodles $0.98
Macaroni and cheese dinner 3/$0.99
Peter Pan peanut butter $1.50, use $0.50 IP
Old Dutch Tortilla chips 2/$4

Page four
Green or Red romaine $0.98
Avocados $0.98
Kiwi fruit 4/$1
Green Cabbage $0.33/lb

Be sure to check out the website for yourself here.

Don't forget to check out Pierce's 3 day sale either. See a peek here. The main deals I see for this sale are the pork steaks at $1.28/lb and the leg quarter at $0.68/lb (although these are cheaper at Piggly Wiggly this week).

Have a great week everyone!

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