Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crazy deals at Walgreen's

I hit some great deals today at Walgreen's. I got a "check" for $25 if I transferred a prescription to Walgreen's. In the past I was able to get a gift card for these transfers. When I presented the check today at the pharmacy they told me that I needed to use it on one purchase on the same date. Knowing that I had $11 in register rewards to use today, I needed to spend $36 in the store after coupons. Luckily I was without kids and had plenty of time because I really had to concentrate.

My plan of attack was to get the things I needed this week, then try to take advantage products that would produce register rewards so I could use them next weeks on things i really needed. Here is what I ended up with.

6 Ragu $1.67 with ad coupon, used $0.75/2 MQ, got $4 RR with buying 6. (there are only 4 in the picture because I traded 2 Ragu for 1 Mayo with a friend)

4 Kleenex 2/$2.19 with ad coupon, used $0.50/3 MQ and a buy 3 get one free MQ (which took off $1.99 at the register)

1 Gillette Fusion razor $8.99, used $4 MQ, got a $6 RR

1 walgreen's brand plaque dental rinse $3.99

1 Walgreen's paper plates $0.99 with ad coupon

3 Bandaid's $1.99 with ad coupon, $2 walgreen's coupon from coloring book (so free)

4 Campbell's cream of chicken soup $1.59/2, used $1/2 IP

1 Vaseline Lotion $6.99, got $7 RR

4 boxes Quaker granola bars $2.50 each, used $1/2 IP, got $5 RR for buying $10 worth

1 Walgreen's aspirin $1.29, walgreen's coupon to get free (got in the mail)

2 Energizer batteries $3 each, used $1 MQ on each

1 Energizer advanced batteries, got free when you buy 2 packs of Energizer batteries

My total before coupons was over $79. After the coupons, the $11 in Register rewards from last week and the $25 gift check my total was only $5.47!!! I saved $70.46 in ad and coupons. And the best part is that I also earned $22 in register rewards to spend next week!!! Yippee!!

How did you do this week??

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  1. Wow, that WAS crazy! Good job! That is hard to do on the spot, so good thing you had some time to think about it. I can't believe you still earned $22.