Monday, June 1, 2009

Vote for me!

If you've been following my blog, you have heard me talk about my Pay It Forward challenge. Summit Credit Union asked "What would you do with $10"? I took that $10 and turned it into $160.64 worth of food and HBA items by using my skills with coupons. I took that stash (6 grocery bags worth!) and dropped it off at the Food Pantry here in Portage.

This challenge has inspired me to continue collecting items to donate to the food pantry, and gave me a wonderful opportunity to teach me kids a valuable lesson about helping others.

The "winner" of the challenge wins $500 and $500 goes to their charity as well. My obvious pick is the Portage Food Pantry.

Please vote for me if you have the time. Use the following link to view my page:

Voting will continue for a couple weeks. I may remind you again, thanks in advance. You can view the video of my stash via this link or here.


  1. I voted....I do believe you were the best....I saw some of the other people's responses...and no effort...good luck:)

  2. I voted for you Kendra. Good luck! You did a super job and taught your kids a great lessen and the bonus would be winning! -- Rachael