Sunday, June 7, 2009

Some Walmart deals I found

Hey all. I ran to Walmart the other day and found a few deals, plus many things I didn't need of course!
  • 2 Free chocolate bars - received in the mail from free chocolate Fridays
  • free Oscar Mayer hot dogs- received coupon in mail from free offer online
  • 5 packs of Koolaid 0.88, 0.50 IP
  • Jack's Pizza $2.98 each, $1/2 IP
  • Country Time lemonade $2.28- $1/2 IP
  • Minute rice instant cups $1.78, 0.50 IP
  • Seapak shrimp poppers $1.58, $1/2 IP
  • Graham crackers $2.50, $1 IP
  • Velveeta singles cups 0.98, $1/2 IP
  • Caprisun sunrise pouches $1.97, $1 MQ

My subtotal was $52.72 and the final out of pocket was $37.73 which means I saved a total of $15 in coupons. Some of my Kraft coupons are expiring this week, so I wanted to be sure to use some of them for things I would buy anyways in the next week or two.

How did you do this week? Next up will be some of my Kmart double deals!!!

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